The latest information of the large-scale renewal of Tokyo Dome City, in which Hoshino Architects INC. is participating as master design architects, is now available. Tokyo Dome City is undergoing a large-scale renewal from 2023 to 2024. As part of the environmental improvements based on the new landscape plan as well as the opening of the new facilities, seven new large-scale digital screens were installed in Tokyo Dome City and started operating on 1 August. Hoshino Architects INC. is participating as the master design architect in the renewal project designed to revamp the landscape. New renewal plans and images have now been published. Please have a look. The press release below, announced by TOKYO DOME CORPORATION, introduces concept details and renewal content. Press release by the TOKYO DOME CORPORATION. is available here.(JAPANESE) The design process and photos of other projects of Hoshino Architects are available on their official Instagram account.