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Hoshino Architects based in Tokyo collaborates with a variety of artists. We also post inspiring images to Instagram daily from those exploring the city that is Tokyo and our design process to others illustrating a cityscape which we helped shape with the completion of each new building. We hope this collection of Instagram images will share the appeal of Tokyo as it continues to evolve while marking our trajectory not only as Hoshino Architects but also as a group of designers.

Tokyo Intervention & Urban Surface

Tokyo Intervention = Our Action
Our architectural, space and infrastructure designs intervene in shaping one of the world’s largest and most prominent cities. Tokyo stretches out almost infinitely as an urban group of districts with diverse histories, cultures, and geographical contexts, which contribute to the pull the city has on people. Hoshino Architects aims to maximize the appeal Tokyo has by sharing the significance of our intervention in the city through pictures.

Urban Surface = Our design source
We capture the many faces of Tokyo and extract the elements shaping the surface of the city from the light and colour to the landscape. Urban Surface is the means by which we communicate the ideas layering these elements to abstractly express the urban atmosphere. This amplifies the history, culture, and geographical contexts throughout the city to provide an opportunity for everyone to explore each area and atmosphere. Urban Surface is our design source as we shape the Tokyo cityscape.

Latest Post

Architectural introduction to our project – Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Residence Tower Entrance

東京ポートシティ竹芝 レジデンスタワー エントランス

The Tokyo Port City Takeshiba project took the utmost care to foster an atmosphere exuding the ocean feel distinct to this neighborhood. In particular, every detail of the entrance space emphasized the light and glimmer of the water surface. The chandelier suspended from the ceiling in the entrance lounge, metallic counter tiles, and lighting resembling bubbles in the elevator lobby reflect light in a splendid shimmer throughout the space.