On January 24th, 2023, TOKYO DOME CORPORATION announced various large-scale renewal projects of TOKYO DOME CITY, including Tokyo Dome. TOKYO DOME CITY takes on the various new renewals below to pursue urban development that provides guests with "inspiring and memorable” experiences. (1)Renewal of the landscape to create a relaxing and lively space (new spatial design/installing digital screen) (2)Renewal of LaQua on the 20th anniversary of its opening (3)Construction of a new theater through the collaboration of the Tokyo Dome and Yoshimoto Kogyo Group (4)Developing new concept floors at the Tokyo Dome Hotel (5)Renewal of seating in the Tokyo Dome for the 2023 season Hoshino Architects INC. is participating as the master design architect in the renewal project designed to revamp the landscape following the recently announced design supervision of the new theater. ◇Renewal of the landscape to create a relaxing and lively space (new spatial design/ installing digital screen) The project sets six keywords centering around the concept of “Fun.” It is designed to invoke a sense of the extraordinary, hype up expectations, and improve comfort and mobility during a guest’s stay. These contribute to creating a sense of unity in the “city,” making the space attractive. The construction will begin in sequence in January 2023 and is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2024. One of the notable features is the development of digital screen/signage, which is a project to create a lawn area surrounded by more than 100 meters of digital signage, providing visitors with various experiences in a unique place where nature and digital technologies are integrated. Also, circulation will be enhanced. Areas of circulation enhancements include large staircase installation connecting between the artificial ground around Tokyo Dome and TOKYO DOME CITY attractions area, also decorations around the Prism Hall. These enhancements create a town that is open to the local community making visitors want to stay. The press release below, announced by TOKYO DOME CORPORATION, introduces concept details and renewal content. Please have a look. Click here for a press release from the TOKYO DOME CORPORATION.(JAPANESE) The design process and photos of other projects of Hoshino Architects are available on its official Instagram account.