Mid Tower Grand

A super-high-rise residential tower project now under construction in the Tsukishima district where an old down town atmosphere still remains, despite its location within walking distance to Ginza and Nihombashi. The design of the building exterior and the communal space pursues a fantastic world view created by moonlight and shadow as its concept, as suggested by the name Tsukishima meaning, an island of the moon. Placing strong emphasis on how the top of the building looks, an elegant arc form is adopted for the roof of the penthouse making it impressive from a distance. The arc is repeated in the eave of the grand entrance, adding together with verdant trees and plants, a graceful element to the premises as a whole. Being closest to the moon, the penthouse, bringing together diverse communal facilities including a fitness gym is named "Sky Lounge", with abundant use of approximately six-metre-high glass walls. Quality materials are used for the spatial design highlighted by curving lines in concert with the arc to satisfy a mature aesthetic taste. A two-storey communal space in the entrance area where residents come and go functions as a 'buffer' where the outdoor and indoor effortlessly switch in the course of daily life immediately adjacent to the urban bustle. Focused on human-scale landscaping, the design for the lower section aims to create an attractive townscape, while being conscious of the adjoining shops and restaurants on the Tsukishima Nishinaka-dori shopping street.

Design Partner 〈Facade+Interior+Landscape Design〉
Hoshino Architects
Contractor & Local Architect
Taisei Corporation
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
Approximately 53,676㎡ 32 above ground & 1 basement levels