Architectural introduction to our project – Tokyo Port City Takeshiba Residence Tower Sketch

Tokyo Port City Takeshiba is a high-rise residential project developed in the Takeshiba district. This residential building stands in an area next to the sea by Takeshiba Pier and is surrounded by the lush green vegetation of the Hama-rikyu Gardens and Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens. The development combines this residential building with the A-block business building. This location not only offers access to Tokyo Bay via its seaport Takeshiba Pier but also provides fantastic access to a monorail (Hamamatsu-cho) bound for Haneda Airport which connects Japan with the rest of the world. Hoshino Architects understands the growing value of Takeshiba as a site opening up Japan to the world. This project aimed to bring creative prosperity to the area as a place full of originality where people with diverse values congregate.